Cold Baths - Benefits from getting into cold water. How to start?

Cold baths are getting really popular although many people will find it odd. When doing it the first time it might seem to be very hard. But with another session of bathing, it's way easier when your body adapts to cold.

We practice cold baths every second week during the winter. Starting from November until late January you can find us in Vico Baths, Hawk Cliff training our immune system.

Health benefits of cold baths

Today medicine has proven many benefits of cold baths. It's one of the principles of Wim Hof methodology which improve athletic performance, physical recovery, weight loss and makes you resilient to stress. To fully benefit from those the cold baths should be taken regularly.

When entering cold water our blood vessels are contracting which leads to our autoimmune system and increasing metabolism. After that, they expand again and our organism to protect us against hypothermia. Which helps us to burn calories at bigger pace.

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So how to prepare to dive into the cold sea?

First thing you might want to try few weeks before, is to start taking cold showers. After your normal shower routine, turn on cold water and stay there. Start with 30 seconds and then progress up to 3, 5 or even 10 minutes.

Alcohol or coffee on the day of swimming is a no-no. Sorry, everyone, no one said it's going to be easy.

The first thing we have to keep our extremities as warm as possible. Get a hat, gloves and shoes, those can be swimming shoes or any other runners. The point is to isolate our feet from the cold surface. Those three points are loosing warm first so if you want to enjoy bathing for longer, keep them warm dry.

Do 5-10 minutes quick warm-up, it can be anything from a short run to kettlebell swing or even burpees. Anything that will keep your blood circulation going is good.

When you exit the water dry as quick as possible and put on warm clothes. After that drinking warm drink is a must.

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Who shouldn't take cold baths?

Everyone should check with his doctor before starting this routine. But people with high blood pressure, heart diseases, venous varices should avoid ice baths.

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