Dealing with your Psychophysical Stress

Aktualizacja: 27 sty 2019

We have done some vertical rows using bands today, like in the first part of the video. Lukas decided that he's going to wrap the band around his wrists. Later on when I thought this through, I asked him why he has done that.

- I'm loosing my grip and it's uncomfortable to work in full range of motion. - Is it helping you to perform the exercise? - Sure it is. We're working on the row so the aim is to work with back muscles. - Is it helping you to improve your grip strength?

What happened here Lukas decided to cheat a little bit to avoid stress coming from his weak grip. But avoiding the stress will not improve his future work. On top of that because he previously injured his wrist, the band had put unhealthy pressure on outside of it.

Life is stress, we are born from it, and everything in our life is stress. Waking up in the morning, money, love, friendship. We prefer to be exposed to fabricated stress like video games and movies than learn and control stress that is healthy to us. If not enduring and preparing for stress we wouldn't fly into space, Vikings wouldn't discover America. We could avoid finding a job, starting college but that would lead us nowhere.

In Tengu we always prepare for the stress and expose ourselves to the healthy options of stress. If you experienced injury before, the first thing every physio would tell you after rehab is to strengthen the muscle tissue by training. Avoiding movement and exercise will only lead you to next injury. We need to perform the movement the safest way possible and teach our brain how to approach the task in most safe and efficient way. It's like building the ship before heading to the ocean.

Your destiny should be healthy body, without injury and pain and we can help build your ship and guide you.

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