Functional training and Hypertrophy

What we see in fitness industry and holding strong since the beginning of 1980 is a very large bodybuilding trend.

Bodybuilding is nothing less than focusing on body composition and hypotrophy training. The body is divided into muscle groups and those are trained according to a training program. With correct diet and lifestyle change it is the easiest and quickest way to control your physical appearance.

The question we should ask ourselves is why do we train? Is it for ourselves?

To be accepted throughout the modern standards of beauty, for Instagram and self acceptance?

Did modern humans so downgraded their self value that we need to fake our image to feel that we are something more?

My boy asked me last day: ⁃Daddy, why are you training everyday? After a while one thought came to my mind. ⁃It’s for you, your sister and our family. I want to be here for you in the coming years. I want us to do stuff that other people won’t be able to.

This is where training with Element Cycle System does the job. Ever seen the videos of 60-70 year old people performing exercises that you can’t? You know why they are able to do so? Because they never stoped, they didn’t lay down on the couch and watched their gainz growing.

I listed 8 Benefits that in comparison to bodybuilding you gain by training in Tengu Ireland using Element Cycle System:

I. Increase the Ease of Everyday Life. II. Greater Muscle Memory. III. Low Impact. IV. Flexibility and Coordination. V. Balance and Posture. VI. Helps with Joint Pain. VII. Reduces Your Risk of Injury. VIII. Balance Your Lifestyle.

Like always if you have any questions or you want me to write something about a different topic let me know!

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